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Configuration 1-WIRE Temperature Sensors

IF-07G allow connect 1-wire temperature sensors. For easy configuration and using variables in Metel IEC61131-3 is prepared small application which is possible control from CLI for example putty.

1. Update List of Available Packages

root@iplog:~# opkg update

Example of Update Process:

Downloading http://www.iplog.eu/opkg/base/Packages.gz.
Updated source 'base'.
Downloading http://www.iplog.eu/opkg/firmware/Packages.gz.
Updated source 'firmware'.

2. Install metel-1wire-temperature Package

root@iplog:~# opkg install metel-1wire-temperature

Example of Package Installing:

Installing metel-1wire-temperature (0.0.2-11980.203140748) on root.
Downloading http://www.iplog.eu/opkg-debug/base/metel-1wire-temperature_0.0.2-11980.203140748_all.ipk.
Configuring metel-1wire-temperature.
Starting metel-1wire-temperatured: OK

3. Available Commands for metel-1wire-temperature Package

Display help

root@iplog:~# metel-1wire-temperature help
 list - Shows actual list of connected devices
 config - Shows list with sensors which are used
 add {id|all} - Add one or all devices into config list
 del {id|all} - Delete one or all sensors from config list
 update_iec - Updates the list of variables depending on the config list
root@iplog:~# metel-1wire-temperature list