Libraries for IEC 61131-3

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Standard IEC 61131-3 library

Documentation to standard ilbrary is on .

Functions and function blcoks from standard library works properly also in Simulator.

Metel IEC 61131-3 libraries

To show Metel libraries in IDE, must be select project device to "iplog_gama" and build it.

Only some functions and function blocks from Metel libraries will works in Simulator.

Asynchronous operations

Some long-time operations (reading from MODBUS) can not be done in one logic cycle.

To solve that, use all asynchronous function blocks in Metel libraries this general interface:

in EXEC bool r_edge rising edge starts new operation
out BUSY bool indicates that operation is pending
out ERR bool indicates some error occurs
out ERR_ID word identifies occured error by unique code
out VALID bool indicates success operation and valid output

List of Libraries

Libraries for METEL IEC 61131-3 IDE

Utility for METEL IEC 61131-3 IDE

Error codes