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SIMUland.v4 was primarily developed for switches of all generations. For IPLOG-GAMA allows only a limited set of commands.


SIMULand.v4 is a Windows desktop configuration software and is independent of third-party web browsers. The software provides a complex set of configuration tools for the METEL IP devices connected to LAN. It includes tools for network analysis including automatic topology discovery.

System Requirements

Minimum system requirements for the workstation are necessary for successful installation of the SIMULand application and are found in the table below.

Operation System Operation system Windows 7, 8, 10 – 32/64bit
Processor Intel Core 2 DUO 2GHz / AMD X2 2GHz a powerful
RAM 2GB and larger, depending on project size!

Download: SIMULand.v4

Note: SIMULand is only for basic configuration, use the connection via Console (SSH/USB) for full access.

Tip: After installation, it is recommended to configure a rule in the workstation firewall that will allow SIMULand to communicate with devices.