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Priority: optional
Priority: optional
The '''Depends''' line shows the dependency on another '''libstdc++''' package.
The '''Depends''' line shows the dependency on another '''libstdc++''' package.<br>
===== 2) Download packages =====
From the address '''http://www.iplog.eu/opkg/base''' download the '''mysql''' and '''libstdc++''' packages to your computer.

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The following text is help how to install the OPKG package on an IPLOG unit that does not have Internet access. The installation will require a computer that has an Internet connection, on which the required packages will be downloaded, which will then be copied to the IPLOG unit via the SCP protocol or via a USB drive. Some packages depend on another package, so you must download all related packages and start installing from the last package that has no other dependencies.
The second option is to add to the OPKG configuration file the path to the local directory where the packages will be saved.
Current packages are available at address http://www.iplog.eu/opkg/base/

Example of mysql Package Installation

1) Check the dependence on another package

Find the entry for the mysql package at http://www.iplog.eu/opkg/base/Packages.

Package: mysql
Version: 5.1.73-10395
Depends: libstdc++
Section: base
Architecture: all
Maintainer: METEL
MD5Sum: f5a9802abcef86450b5baf3019b766ba
Size: 10478526
Filename: mysql_5.1.73-10395_all.ipk
Source: http://www.iplog.eu
Description:  MySQL database engine.
License: Proprietary
Priority: optional

The Depends line shows the dependency on another libstdc++ package.

2) Download packages

From the address http://www.iplog.eu/opkg/base download the mysql and libstdc++ packages to your computer.