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The database which contains all public information about IPLOG-GAMA units and accessories.

An IPLOG wiki is a webpage which is run using wiki software, known as a wiki engine. On this webpage, you can

find all information which helps you to configure IPLOG-GAMA units and IO modules. All information contained have

already been implemented. The pages will be constantly updated so Metel s.r.o. reserves the right for changes in information.



  • IPLOGs are Linux based PLCs with Support for Writing User Scripts
  • IF Modules Support Modbus, M-BUS, RS485, RS232, 1-Wire and Other Standards
  • IO Modules Support a Wide Variety of Analog I/O, Digital I/O and Relay Outputs
  • Supported by IEC 61131-3 METEL IEC 61131-3 IDE and Graphical SIMULand GUI
  • High Security is Assured by SSH, openVPN, SNMPv3 and Other Tools used by IT Experts
  • Highly Durable Hardware with Integrated Overvoltage Protections
  • Operating Range from −40°C to +70°C

Mozilla icon.png Mozilla Firefox has been verified for all functionality.

Tip: How to get started can be found in the Configuration section.

More information about METEL s.r.o. products can be found on the following links: