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The METEL IEC 61131-3 IDE is software intended for PLCs IPLOG-GAMA programming. The user can write, edit and debug programs in graphical and textual IEC 61131-3 languages. It is a professional tool based on the world wide platform Eclipse IDE. The METEL IEC 61131-3 IDE is extremely easy to use and a powerful programming tool with an excellent price / performance ratio without any charge for programmed devices.

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Compatibility with IEC 61131-3

METEL IEC 61131-3 IDE (Integrated Development Environment) allows creating and debugging and editing programs in LD, ST, IL and FBD languages. It is compatible with all IPLOG-GAMA PLCs and their IO modules.

No Charge for Programmed Devices

The METEL IEC 61131-3 IDE license allows the owner to program any number of devices without any additional charges from programmed PLCs. The METEL IEC 61131-3 IDE license has a lifetime guarantee.

Debug Programs in the Debugger

The METEL IEC 61131-3 IDE also includes a debugger that allows the user to debug a program on a PC or directly in a PLC.

Learning Tools

The greatest advantage of METEL IEC 61131-3 IDE is its ability to be used as a learning tool when teaching PLC programming. For this purpose, METEL IEC 61131-3 IDE supports Raspberry PI model B and Arduino hardware. The output of the built-in compiler can also be a program in the form of C code, which the user can then use to compile in their compiler and use it with any hardware.

Graphical Interface

The modern graphical interface leads the user through all stages of the program design. METEL IEC 61131-3 IDE supports window docking and quick switching between different window layouts and a variety of useful features.