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METEL provides many packages to fullfil user's needs.IPLOG device has limited capacity, thus all packages may not be installed.


METEL provides two main repositories for IPLOG devices.

  • base - provining base packages for any IPLOG device;
  • firmware - providing firmware for any IPLOG device.



Before using OPKG a configuration file shall exists in a directory /etc/opkg. An example of /etc/opkg/metel.conf follows:
# Copyright (C) 1996-2018 METEL s.r.o. - PC 2018080100

src/gz base http://www.iplog.eu/opkg/base
src/gz firmware http://www.iplog.eu/opkg/firmware

# end-of-file

Packages list

The following command will update packages list in a device by downloading IPLOG repository.
opkg update
The following command will list all available packages.
opkg list

Installing a package

The following command will install package "mysql" that provides mysql server.
opkg install mysql

Upgrading installed packages

The following commands will update packages list in a device and upgrade all installed packaged to the latest version.
opkg update
opkg upgrade