PIN Check

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How to Enable/Disable PIN Check.

This property is disabled from the default configuration.

PIN configurations are included in the file smsd.conf.

Edit the file by the Vi, default text editor.

root@iplog:~# vi /etc/smsd.conf

Enable PIN - Delete the charakter # before pin = 1111 to enable the PIN check.

Disable PIN - Insert the charakter # before pin = 1111 to disable the PIN check.

Change PIN - Edit numbers behind the charakter pin =.

# Example smsd.conf. Read the manual for a description

devices = TELIT-UL865
logfile = /var/log/smsd.log
loglevel = 3

device = /dev/ttyACM3
check_sim = yes
check_sim_retries = forever
# Some mobile operators (like Czech O2) during the logging to network several times reject the SIM.
# This causes an unexpected end of the daemon. This is why the network check is disabled.
check_network = no
incoming = yes
#pin = 1111

Text editing - Hit the i (insert mode).
Save and Exit - Write the charakter :wq (write and quit). The cursor moves to bottom of screen whenever a colon (:) is typed. This type of command is completed by hitting the Enter key.

It is strongly recommended to do a reboot.

root@buildroot:~# reboot