Recovery mode

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This is the state that the IPLOG unit goes into when the operating system isn't stable enough to boot or when an OS device encounters software or app-related troubles, it can usually be resolved by simply restarting. In some circumstances, though, the problems are more extensive and require putting the device into recovery mode and restoring it.

Recovery mode is, in fact, the basic firmware version without all of the users applications and configurations.

Recovery mode is a read-only. Every users change written during Recovery mode will be removed after the devices reboot.

During the Recovery mode, the unit is available to connect to the IP address found on the label on the side of the cased device. DHCP protocol is not available.

How to get to Recovery Mode

Recovery mode is entered when one of the following conditions occurs:

  • The IPLOG has, usually on the front panel under power LED, a reset button. When the reset button is pushed during powering-up, it starts recovery mode.
  • The internal SD card is not inserted during the powering-up sequence.
  • Invalid image in NAND.

Note: Recovery mode is signalled by a blinking green ST (state) LED.