Switch Digital Inputs Reading

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IPLOG-GAMA How to Read Switch Digital Inputs

IPLOG-GAMA as Modbus Master TCP device can read states of digital switch inputs via protocol TCP Modbus. The Switch is configured as Modbus TCP Slave and listens at the Modbus TCP port 502 (default). EVENTS configuration connects automatic actions with Modbus registers.

Switch Configuration

Switch is a Modbus Slave device and connected together via TCP connection with the Modbus TCP Master device IPLOG-GAMA.

1. Switch Modbus TCP Port Configuration

SIMULand.v4 configuration software download: SIMULand.v4

Extension -> Modbus -> TCP

- Enable - Allows TCP connection.

- TCP listening port - The listening TCP port 502 is reserved for Modbus communications. It is mandatory to listen by default on that port. However, some device or applications might require that another port is dedicated to Modbus over TCP. For that reason, it is possible to change Modbus TCP listening port. It is important to note that even if another TCP server port is configured for Modbus service in certain applications, TCP server port 502 must still be available in v addition to any application specific ports.


2. EVENTS Configuration

Creating automatic actions to connect digital switch inputs and Modbus registers.

Copies both states Close/Open of Digital Input 1 to Modbus register DISCRETE IN 1, Modbus register 1.

EVENT 1 Input Part


EVENT 1 Output Part


*Create EVENT 2 to monitoring Digital Input 2 connected to Modbus register DISCRETE 2.

IPLOG-GAMA Configuration

Create the program in METEL IEC 61131-3 IDE and upload it to the IPLOG.

IEC ProgramSwitchDigitalInputReading.png

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